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    Roleplaying Empty Roleplaying

    Post by Rougewraith on 8/7/2009, 1:01 am

    It is mandatory to obey these rules if broken action shall be taken. Resulting punishments include: Warnings, Banning, IP banning, etc. Thank you.

    The first most important rule is:

    Be respectful
    it is important that you be courteous and remember that this is just a game. do not take your anger out at a person. and this area is specifically for Role playing. If you want to chat then go to the chat box or to the discussions forum.

    The next rule is:
    Obey the admin
    when there is conflict the admin's word is final in any competition if you are arguing over something please report it to a mod or an admin they will straighten it out for you.

    OOCP stays out of ICP
    Basically this means that Out Of Character Posts (OOCP) stays out of In Character Posts (ICP). Still confused? refer to the Newbieland section for terminology (coming soon). All posts that are just chatting will be deleted and marked as spam which will cite you for a warning. too many warnings and youll be banned.

    when role playing keep signatures to a minimum. when role playing you really dnt need to show your signature with eery post.

    Character sheet approval
    Before you can start to role play you must apply your character sheet in the Character applications forum {post link here} once approved by a Mod or Admin you may begin role play.

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